Habitat for Humanity Vernon Chapter

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Our Home-Ownership Program brings the dream of owning a home to working families.

The program keeps housing affordable for hard-working, low-income families & individuals by using volunteer labour and sponsorships.

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Our homeowners come from a wide variety of professions and backgrounds. Families in need of affordable housing partner with Habitat by contributing time and effort to the construction of their own home and/or the homes of other Partner Families. We believe in a hand up, not a hand out.

Cost & Size of Habitat Homes

We build homes with volunteer labour to help reduce construction costs. However, the final selling price is at fair market value. The Partner Family is responsible for the payment of property taxes, insurance, maintenance and all costs associated with owning and operating a home.

No Interest Mortgage

Habitat for Humanity Vernon Chapter provides a no interest mortgage to their Partner Families. The mortgages have a number of special terms, such as requiring that the homeowners remain the principal occupants of the home and keep it in proper repair.

Application Process

Who can apply?

Habitat for Humanity is open to all Canadians and Landed Immigrants from all cultures and traditions. You must have at least 3 years permanent residency in Canada. When we say “families” we are referring to a wide variety of family structures including single parent families, couples, families with children, and families with elder relatives living in the same home. We are open to persons of any faith, or who do not belong to any faith, if they share our goal to end poverty housing.

How do I apply?

For more information on the application process Potential Partner Families can contact Habitat for Humanity Vernon Chapter at famvernonhabitat@yahoo.ca.

Family Selection Criteria


Need For Adequate Shelter:

Families living in substandard housing are given preference. Some factors that are considered include:

  • Poor conditions for issues like wiring, ventilation, heating or bathroom facilities;
  • Medical disabilities and general health conditions that are made worse by current housing;
  • The location of your housing is not accessible to schools, shopping and transportation or in a safe community;
  • Overcrowding for the number of people living in the home;
  • Percentage of income currently spent on housing is too high.

Part of the approval process involves an in-home interview by two members of the Family Selection Committee. Families currently living in subsidized housing are also eligible to apply.

Ability To Pay

You must have the ability to pay a mortgage and maintain a home. You must have a job and show a work history of 3 years. Sources of income that are considered in the review include employment income, spousal and child support, child care supplements, child tax benefits, pensions and some forms of social assistance. We will ask for income verification of all working persons intending to live in the home.

Your entire family income before deductions must be between: 20,500 for a family of one to $40,000 for a family of 5 plus.

In addition to the costs of home ownership, the amount of long term debt is considered. We are trying to confirm that a family can pay for a no-interest mortgage in approximately 25 years.

Families must be able to pay for expenses associated with closing the real estate transaction and their moving costs. The amount of the monthly payment is based on:

  • 25% – 30% of the family’s total gross income;
  • The cost of the home spread over approximately 25 years;
  • Property taxes spread evenly over 12 months;
  • Insurance spread evenly over 12 months.

Willingness To Partner With Habitat For Humanity Vernon Chapter

You must be willing to partner with us and help advance the mission of Habitat for Humanity. In the selection process:

  • We will ask you to give us references and supporting statements for most of the criteria;
  • We will look at your employment history and credit reference report;
  • We will look at how you show determination to improve your family’s current situation;
  • The Family Partnering Committee will visit your current home to see your needs and speak with you personally;
  • We will look at how you show willingness to participate in Habitat for Humanity activities;
  • We will look at how you show your willingness to do the work involved.

Please contact famvernonhabitat@yahoo.ca for more information.

Families will work on their own home and may work on the homes of others, in our office or at fundraising events. This must be completed prior to moving into a Habitat home. At no time will any family or volunteer be compensated for this volunteer activity.